Measuring at Seaqaqa

On Friday and Saturday we continued to take measurements at Seaqaqa. Harry and Wuu Kuang were based at one site with the CIRAS and thankfully the weather held up and they had a very productive day.


Harry showing our guides CIRAS

Michelle, Esroma and I spent the day taking measurements for each of our samples. Michelle recorded the temperature and relative humidity surrounding each sample leaf using a hygrometer, while I measure light intensity with a ceptometer. The last measurement taken was stomatal conductance and this was done using a porometer which is clamped directly onto the sample leaf.


Calibrating the porometer and thermohygrometer at the start of the day.

On Saturday we also began taking leaf samples from each tree we measured and took back to our hotel rooms to press them in the evening. These will be sent to the National Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin and to USP’s herbarium in Suva.


Pressing samples in the evening


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